Brit Awards 2015: Royal Blood Win Best British Group, And These One Direction Fans Are Seriously Not Happy

These 1D Fans Are Not Happy With Royal Blood's Brits Win

So the thing is, Royal Blood won their first ever Brit Award during Wednesday night’s live ceremony.

One Direction

But unfortunately, they were up against One Direction, whose fans are famously a little bit tetchy when their beloved boyband don’t win in awards ceremonies.

So suddenly Twitter became flooded with the so-called Directioners, wondering exactly who Royal Blood are.

Royal Blood

And while it seems to us they might be a little bit biased - being completely die-hard fans of 1D and everything - that hasn’t taken them taking to Twitter in their droves to cry ‘injustice’.

Some of them even suggested that it might have been a fix for Royal Blood to win, which seems a little ludicrous if you ask us, but then again we don’t live and breathe One Direction.

Oh dear.

Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

Some of them went SERIOUSLY over the top.

See, we weren't kidding.

Good job Kanye West isn’t a One Direction fan is all we can say, that would be the awards show rant heard around the world.

Check out all the pictures from the Brit Awards red carpet below...

Taylor Swift

2015 Brit Awards Red Carpet


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