‘EastEnders' Meets ‘Boyhood': Adam Woodyatt's Character's ‘Bealehood' Deserves An Oscar (VIDEO)

'EastEnders' Meets 'Boyhood' Is Nothing Short Of Amazing

‘EastEnders’ live week and Awards season may be over, but we’ve found a new video that will keep you entertained for weeks. Introducing: ‘Bealehood’.

It’s taken a while, but somebody has finally done the necessary cutting and splicing, creating a version of ‘Boyhood’ that focuses on Walford’s best-loved businessman, Ian Beale.

Of course, while ‘Boyhood’ was filmed over 12 years, we’ve seen Ian Beale evolve over 30, transforming from a down-on-his-luck teen to, umm, a down-on-his-luck adult.

As you'd expect, the resulting clip is quite something.

Check it out above…


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