25/02/2015 07:33 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Kate Moss And Cara Delevingne Lookalikes Strike A Pose For Watch Campaign

Meet Harley Chapman and Maya Koski-Wood, the mini model lookalikes giving Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss a run for their money.


The girls were recruited by French watch brand Withings to recreate iconic British fashion shoots through time and celebrate the launch of the Activité Pop watch - the latest in wearable technology.

This is their spin on the My Burberry fragrance campaign photographed by Mario Testino. And we have to say, they've got it just right.

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10-year-old Harley definitely has Cara's trademark brows, and 12-year-old Maya could so pass for a mini Kate.

Check those trenches. Very Burberry.


Harley has also posed for a copycat shot of Cara Delevingne's 2013 snapback cap image by Terry Richardson.

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"It has been so much fun recreating such famous shots by one of the world's top models," she said in a statement following the release.

"I have been told I look like the spitting image of Cara before - if I can be half as successful in my career I'll be really happy. I love the watch, it doesn't look as like an activity tracker."


So activity trackers are really in, you heard it from fashion's rising stars first. The new watch comes in three "Pop chic" colours is available on, for £119.95.

Julien De Preaumont, chief marketing officer at Withings commented, "The Activité Pop is the next generation of wearables, empowering people to track their health so we thought we'd have a bit of fun by recreating junior versions of iconic fashion shots.

"The upcoming generation will now be both connected as well as fashionable!"

Amen to that.

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