The Cycling Apps You Should Be Using Now

The many benefits that cycling offers to a person's health have long been touted: regular cycling has been shown to reduce stress, improve cardiovascular fitness and help people lose weight and get toned. Plus, it's a fun activity for the whole family to get involved in.

There are other incentives to regular cycling besides Victoria Pendleton-esque calves - it's good for the environment, ideal for the time-crunched and can also save you money (the government's even keen to help out with its Cycle To Work initiative).

Whether your cycling skills can rival those of Bradley Wiggins or you're a newbie just getting to grips with making cycling a regular part of your lifestyle, there are plenty of cycling apps out there to improve your game.

Looking to try some new off-road trails? Or need a hand fixing your bike without a trip to the repair shop? There's a cycling app for both. Londoners will also appreciate the apps designed to find the nearest docking stations for their Boris Bikes.

One of our favourite apps for cyclists? Fill That Hole, an app designed by national cycling charity CTC, which has cyclists' safety in mind by encouraging people to identify road hazards.

"Since Fill That Hole was introduced in 2007 it has consistently proved one of CTC’s most popular tools," says Sam Jones, Campaigns Coordinator at CTC. "Originally aimed at cyclists, it has benefited all road users and has helped cash-strapped councils identify and repair hazards on their roads.

"The beauty of it is its simplicity. In about two minutes, you can take a picture, write a short description and the app will then make sure a report is sent off to the relevant Highway Authority saving you all the trouble of finding the right person and the right authority."

Click through our slideshow below for 10 of the top cycling apps to ensure you're in full gear...