'Rock Band' And 'Guitar Hero' Are Coming Back, Because The World Doesn't Have Enough Plastic Toy Guitars

From about 2005 until 2010 the western world was blighted by the arrival of video games which ostensibly simulated playing the guitar, but actually involved mashing spongey plastic keys on tiny, humiliating pretend instruments.

And now - even though we have the technology to play video games with actual, real guitars - they're coming back.

Rumours suggest that both Rock Band (Harmonix) and Guitar Hero (Activision) are to be resurrected, possibly as soon as this autumn.

Details on the return of the games are slight at this stage, but if they are heading out on the reunion trail this year, expect more news at E3.

To 'celebrate', here are some pictures of people actually playing these games -- to remind you why you stopped in the first place.

This Is Why You Don't Play 'Rock Band' Any More

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