The Amazing Now And Then Scenepast App That Takes You In To The Heart Of Movies

If you're a huge film buff then we've finally found the perfect app for you.

The Scenepast app lets you travel back in time to visit iconic movie scenes, then shows the location as it is today and there's even a map (if you're in New York, Chicago, San Francisco or Los Angeles) so that you can visit the spot if you're nearby.

Craig Bryan Co-Founder of ScenePast apps told to The Huffington Post UK "Our love of movies and tv shows - and a secret desire to time travel - led us to create ScenePast. Films and TV shows are a great time capsule with a treasure trove of locations hidden in each frame. We hope users enjoy the app and their -momentary - journey into the past."

The app has over 900 icon movies scenes including Back To The Future, Taxi Driver, Pretty Woman plus many other Oscar winning films. Take a look below at the now and the scenes.

Taxi Driver

Pulp Fiction

Pretty Woman



Back To The Future

The Graduate

Karate Kid

Pretty In Pink