Aldi Offers Luxury Wagyu Beef Burgers For Just £2.99 Each (As Opposed To £195 Per Kilo)

It's the world's priciest beef - and now Aldi are selling it for little more than three quid.

Wagyu meat is something of a delicacy, with major food-enthusiasts paying anything up to £195 per kg for a cut of the stuff.

But now, budget supermarket chain Aldi has revealed that it will be stocking a limited supply of burgers made from the flavoursome beef for just £2.99 each. Yes, really.

Originating in Japan, Wagyu meat is known for its high level of fat marbling - and not just any fat, we're talking soft fat (with a low melting point) that features high levels of omega 3 and 6. Making it actually pretty good for you.

Its taste is the real deal-maker, as the dissolving fat makes the meat incredibly tender, juicy and rich in flavour.

As far as meat's concerned, it's unparalleled.

Aldi's Wagyu beef burgers, which will be specially imported from New Zealand, will be available on a limited basis. But at a far more affordable cost, which means families that would usually be unable to afford the meat can give it a try.

Last year, the chain sold Wagyu sirloin and rib-eye steaks at £6.99, which practically flew off the shelves. And the supermarket is expecting its burgers (which featured on the menu at the Oscars ball, no less) to do the same.

The chain’s managing director of corporate buying, Tony Baines, revealed: "At Aldi our shoppers love to try out lots of specialist products, and Wagyu is no exception.

"Following the frenzy around the Wagyu steaks Aldi sold last summer, we wanted to offer something new that would excite our customers."

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