'Anti-Student' Stickers Plastered On Properties In Surrey

'Anti-student' stickers have been plastered on 'to let' signs in a street in Surrey, fuelling tensions in the local community and prompting mild amusement at the culprit's obvious lack of creative clout.

The labels, written in elegant Shakespearian verse, read: "No more students taking family houses."

They have been described by University of Surrey undergraduate George Guven as perpetrating an "unfair and unfounded" negative image of students.

Surrey's very own faux-Banksy bandit appears to have helpfully annotated their own handiwork, advising that the town's students are 'prats'.

"Students bear the brunt of bad press when it comes to antisocial behaviour,” a parliamentary hopeful said in a hustings at the town's university last week.

“This isn’t unique to Guildford, there is a misconception that all homes with shared occupancy are inhabited by students," she told the Surrey Advertiser.

The anti-student stickers come in the same week similarly-styled leaflets were delivered to residents in Bristol urging them to object to nearby planning permission for a student house.

"The next one could be next to you!" it screeched.

"Another student house in OUR neighbourhood. Draw the line HERE."

Bristol University's Epigram newspaper said the leaflet also claimed students brought with them "more cars", "more disruption" and "more rubbish".

Whether or not the situation in Surrey will escalate to quite the same level is unknown, but it's unlikely that the mirthless miscreant will be winning an award any time soon for his or her artistic endeavours.

Police have reportedly not yet been made aware of the sticker scoundrel's anti-student antics.

Might we suggest the culprit as being someone with a proven record of artistic... 'prowess'?