'Coronation Street': First Look At Tina O'Brien's Return To The Cobbles As Sarah-Louise Platt (PICS, VIDEO)

First Look At Sarah-Louise Platt Back On The Cobbles

Coronation Street’ fans have been treated to their first glimpse of Tina O’Brien back on the cobbles as Sarah-Louise Platt.


A new ‘Corrie’ preview trailer has been released, showing all the action that viewers can expect over the next month, which includes Sarah-Lou’s dramatic return to the street.

While the newly-unveiled footage shows that Gail McIntyre is initially excited to see her daughter - who has been living in Milan with her own daughter, Bethany, up until now - Sarah herself seems less pleased to be back in Weatherfield, storming into her mum’s house and shouting at an unseen character: “How dare you!”

Sarah-Louise returns to 'Corrie'

We can only assume that the character on the receiving end of Sarah’s wrath is her trouble-making teenage daughter, whose return to the cobbles has already been tipped to ruffle some feathers.

In fact, the characters’ return to the soap has been just as dramatic behind the scenes, after it emerged that Katie Redford - the actress who originally landed the part - had lied about her age in order to land the role, and was actually over 10 years older than the character she would have been playing.

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