Eden Motel's Batcave Suite Is The Batman Themed Hotel Room We've Always Wanted

You Can Get Frisky In This Batcave For Just £40
Eden Motel

A Taiwanese hotel is offering Batman fans to chance to sleep (or not sleep) in a totally decked out Batcave for just £137 per night.

Or, you can rent it for a three hour block for £40 if you're in a hurry and you think your Dark Knight can Rise to the challenge.

The room even comes equipped with various Batman memorabilia and a "fun chair" - whatever that is - to give you the total Gotham experience.

It also features a Bat-TV and a shower room with no walls.

Other themed rooms at the hotel include the Alcatraz room, styled after the famous prison and comes complete with handcuffs, and a suite dedicated to Sherlock Holmes.

Fans of DC Comics don't need to worry if the Batcave is fully booked - there's also a room designed around the world of fish-talking superhero Aquaman.

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