02/03/2015 17:03 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

What Colour Is This Dress? White And Gold Or Black And Blue?

In case you missed the whole dress colour debate, allow us to fill you in.

21-year-old Scot, Caitlin McNeill, posted a photo of a dress on Tumblr after arguing with her friends over whether it was white and gold or black and blue.

Warning: talking about this with people seeing white and gold will make you want to scream, because, it's black and blue... isn't it?

The photo sent the internet into total meltdown on Thursday after various enhanced versions started doing the rounds, which consequently stirred up the debate.

#TheDress and #DressGate were trending on Twitter and even the likes of Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian and (randomly) Justin Bieber got in on the chat.

Obviously, there's a science around it - our brains process signals into an image when light hits the retina in the back of our eyes. But more pressingly, there's the matter of digital enhancement.

This image has been subject to brightness, contrast, saturation and colour variation which is why it's being seen in various shades on screen.

Confused? We hear you. We all are.

Check out these tweets to see how one little lacy dress caused such a storm...

Here's the actual dress for real courtesy of retailer Roman Originals. Try denying it's not black and blue now.

Oh, and just for kicks - here are the colours Miley Cyrus is seeing...

This Whole Dress Debate Has Questioned Our Faith in Humanity