27/02/2015 05:54 GMT | Updated 04/03/2015 07:59 GMT

Update: "Hyper Real" CGI Images ARE Too Good To Be True

UPDATE:So it turns out that 'Hyper Real CG' is in fact very real and well, not very CGI. Here at Huff Post UK we love finding the bleeding edge of technology and while we couldn't entirely fathom why the next generation of CGI was going to be rendered into a picture of a pizza slice, we weren't about to abandon our excitement for lack of artistic taste.

Well we should have done, because as Deathandtaxes quite rightfully points out, we were wrong. Discovering we got pranked is, if anything, quite a relief. Why? Because we should be doing far more with high-end rendering software than creating incredibly complex 3D models of a pepperoni with extra cheese.

The fact remains however that CGI has reached a level of complexity that there are some REAL examples out there where CGI has almost become photo realistic.

This stunning demo from game developers The Farm 51 showcases a new 3D scanning technique which makes video game scenery look incredibly real. The video is a mix between live action and in-game footage.

So while we'll hang our heads in shame over this one:

"Cubic Luncheon" 
Software: Blender Artist: Chigbarg 
#hyperralcg #blender #pizza #realism

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You can be sure we'll continue searching for the day where the lines really do become blurred. For now though, check out these genuinely impressive examples of how CGI can create ultra-realistic people: