The new guidelines will come into effect today, taking away an important community space that helped me figure out my sexuality
As a teenager, I felt guilty about my sexuality. Girls are taught that it is OK for boys to masturbate all the time, but god forbid we actually figure out how to give ourselves pleasure
Tech’s fixation on policing sex isn’t just tedious, it’s dangerous and has a real impact
“It was a super sad case,” Ocean’s attorney said.
A graphic designer has captured his experience of depression and anxiety in a series of haunting illustrations. Polish artist
Credit 'Queen of Christian' by Edwin Antonio PhotoVogue featuring Dior Shoes EAS © Original painting, Frederic Leighton, Flaming
So we can waste yet more time procrastinating. Obvs.
Finding the motivation to do stuff can be hard. We'll expertly put things off until we're faced with the consequences. And
When descriptive terms become derogatory, debate becomes impossible, and for as long this strand of the Right demonises opinions with which they do not agree rather than actively and intelligently engaging with them, it will prevent debate and it will stamp out free speech.