Fitness Trainer, Shakira Martin, Shows Off Rock Hard Abs Just Weeks After Giving Birth (And Reveals Her Workout Tips, Too)

Just eight weeks after giving birth, a fitness trainer has set out on a mission to prove that women can achieve their original physique post-pregnancy with a little perseverance.

Shakira Martin, the daughter of former Olympian Kriss Akabusi, has revealed that she was "shocked" to find that many people believed she'd never get her shape back after giving birth to her son Rio.

But, just eight weeks after giving birth, Martin has proven many wrong by posting a series of photos on her Instagram account which document her fitness journey.

"I just thought it was very demoralising for me and for that to be the message going out to other women."

But, by telling her that she couldn't, it only pushed her to prove them wrong.

Martin has since made it her mission to inspire other mums to get back in shape after giving birth.

The 27-year-old, who founded The Natural Health Company, revealed that she was exercising - albeit very slowly - as little as two days after Rio was born.

Initially, Martin would walk for short periods of time. But then, after two weeks, she went on her first jog.

The fitness trainer revealed that it's not just exercise which is crucial to getting back in shape, adding that she eats healthily but doesn't cut out carbs. In fact, she even carries around dry cereal in her handbag for when she gets a bit peckish.

Currently, her weekly workout includes:

Day one - 15 minutes of high intensity cardio in the garden with high knees, jumping jacks, press-ups, crunches and tricep dips.

Day two - Dancing around her room with headphones in.

Day three - 30 minute run and sit-ups at home.

Day four - Cardio, boxing and weights at the gym.

And the new mum insists that she's not exercising to be a "size zero". "I enjoy the feeling of exercise and doing good for my body," she said. "For me it is a priority to be healthy and I want to be an inspiration for other women."