Mother And Daughter Reunited After 21 Years, Thanks To Facebook Appeal That Went Viral

A young woman has finally been reunited with her long-lost mother after a Facebook appeal went viral.

Stacey Lee, 23, was just a toddler when she last saw her mother Brenda Drake, 46. But after searching for her mother for eight long years, the pair have finally been reunited.

Stacey had tried all sorts to find her mother, but it was a Facebook post that eventually brought them back together.

Spurred on by her boyfriend Martin Smith, Stacey wrote a heartfelt message on a large piece of cardboard and posted it to Facebook. The post quickly went viral and was shared more than 100,000 times.

Finally, a woman who believed she was Stacey's cousin got in touch and offered to contact her mother.

When Stacey first saw her mother's Facebook profile she was shocked at how similar they looked. She exchanged a few Facebook messages with her mother, before eventually plucking up the courage to call.

"We cried together on the phone," said Stacey, according to MailOnline. "It was very emotional and I was so happy that I had finally found her."

The pair met near Brenda's home in Blackpool. Stacey has two older brothers, Stuart and Steven, who will reunite their mother soon.


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Brenda has since remarried and has had four children. She says she also searched high and low for her three children.

"I regret losing contact with my three eldest children," said Brenda. "I thought about them a lot, especially at times like Christmas."

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