Chinese Couple Reunited After 70 Years Apart With The Sweetest Words You'll Ever Hear


A couple who married against their families wishes and were then torn apart from each other by war, have been reunited after 70 years.

Pan Zhishan, wed Zhang Suiyu, just as he was preparing to go and fight the invading Japanese in the south-east of China.

After surviving the conflict, Pan was forced back to his parent's home and made to go through an arranged marriage, depriving both of who they truly wanted to be with.

Pan, Zhang and their grandson

But a concerted internet campaign finally gave them the opportunity to be together again.

Zhang's first words to her husband were: "What took you so long?"

Pan replied: "I know. I am so late," as the two hugged each other.

When he left for war Pan had no idea Zhang was pregnant with their child. It wasn't until years later that she sent him a photo of herself with their son.

Pan as a young soldier

He said: "I was shocked and always kept the pictures with me wherever I went."

Now 94-years-old, Pan explained: "We both came from traditional families and we knew it was forbidden to marry without their permission - but we both expected to be dead at any moment so we snatched what joy we could from life."

In 2003 he decided to look far his family but had no joy but recently an internet campaign brought the two together at last, along with their grandson.

Pan said: "I now have everything I ever wanted from life. The last wish in my life has been met".

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