The Deep-Fried Black Frog Burger Is A Bit Scary

Fancy A Black Frog Burger?
Orbi Yokohama Museum Cafe

Yep, this is real.

Continuing the trend of truly strange things coming out of Japan and weird burgers popping up all over the place, a museum has decided to offer a complete deep-fried frog sandwiched in a black bun as a promotion for their poisonous frogs exhibition.

Luckily they didn't use the toxic toads in the burger.

The scary sandwich costs 1,000 Yen, which is about £5.50.

Unlike some black buns which are dyed with squid ink, this one uses bamboo charcoal to get the deep and distinct colour.

If you're still hungry for frog-themed dishes after eating a whole one, they also have an amphibious dessert on offer.

The "frog egg sweet dish" uses almond jelly and a jelly frog to mimic spawn at the edge of a pond

This isn't the first black burger to surface in Japan. McDonald's and Burger King have both released their own versions of the dark-bunned creations in the Far East.

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