10/03/2015 10:35 GMT | Updated 10/03/2015 10:59 GMT

'Drunk' Man Attacked By Elephant In Harrowing Video From Sri Lanka


An amateur cameraman has uploaded shocking footage of a seemingly drunk man being attacked by a wild elephant.

The man stumbles towards the four ton beast before being knocked to the ground by it's trunk.

Onlookers can be heard saying "Hey idiot, are you crazy? What the fuck are you doing?" and "One man was killed by this elephant days ago."

elephants attacks drunk man

The man was on a safari through Udawalawe National Park in Sri Lanka when he decided to exit the bus and apparently taunt the pachyderm.

The video was uploaded to LiveLeak on Monday, saying after the attack people said "We told these motherfuckers to take him to the van, fucking assholes take him to a hospital now."

Blood can be seen through the man's shirt as he struggles to stand, hobbling back to the bus.

The man was taken to hospital for treatment.

Elephant attacks kill roughly 500 people every year worldwide. They have even been used as a method of execution in parts of Asia.


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