3 Easy Toning Exercises To Firm Fast (Without Feeling Like You've Done A Workout)


If you want to up your fitness but you're short of time, you need to master these three moves by personal trainer Latreal Mitchell.

Each animal-inspired exercise is super quick to complete and can be done absolutely anywhere.

Mitchell created the workout with busy parents in mind and recommends you even try it out with your kids.

This exercise is great for your legs - you should feel your quads and your glutes working.

Squat down on the floor with your legs slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, then jump up and extend your arms above your head as if you're trying to touch the ceiling.

Repeat the exercise for 30 seconds and avoiding pausing between each jump.

This move works your arms, shoulders, legs, abs and back.

Bend down to all fours, then rise onto your toes. Simple crawl across the floor for one minute.

Pull your navel in towards your spine and you'll feel the burn in your abs.

Complete the crab walk to work your abs, glutes, triceps, shoulders and upper back.

Come down to a backwards all fours position with your belly button pointing to the ceiling.

Pushing into your heels, move your way backwards while opening out your chest muscles. Walk for one minute.

Regularly complete all three moves one after the other and you'll have a firmer physique before you know it.

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