Eurovision: UK Entry Electro Velvet Accused Of Ripping Off Potato Waffle Advert With 'Still In Love With You'


Move over Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams - there’s a new musical copycat controversy in town, this time related to the UK’s Eurovision Song Contest act.

However, rather than ripping off a musical legend and one of the giants of Motown (that'll be Marvin Gaye) like the ‘Blurred Lines’ singers did, British duo Electro Velvet have been accused of taking a bit too much inspiration from an advert for potato waffles.

Electro Velvet

‘Still In Love With You’ totally divided opinion when it was announced as the track that would be acting as the UK’s entry in this year’s Eurovision, with some critics claiming it sounds awfully (or should that be ‘waffley’) like a tune used by Birdseye to advertise their potato waffles in the 1980s.

Perhaps you remember the retro advert, which contained tear-jerking emotional lyrics like: “Birds Eye Potato Waffles, they’re waffley versatile.”

However if you don’t, or you just fancy a trip down memory lane, you can check out a mash-up of the two songs below:

The controversy has garnered so much attention that BBC sources have been forced to rubbish claims that ‘Still In Love With You’ is based on the Birdseye ad, branding the claims “a load of waffle.”

OK, that’s not quite how they put it, but could you imagine?


David Midel, who co-penned the track for Electro Velvet, has also worked on advertising jingles, though a BBC source told The Mirror: “[He was not] responsible for the waffle ad and nor did he copy or be inspired by it.

“The notes, melody and words in our song [are] completely different from the waffle ad.”

We must admit, though, ever since we heard about this, we can’t get the catchy little potato waffles jingle out of our heads - which begs the question… should we be sending that to Eurovision instead?

Let’s hope he doesn’t try and pull a fast one, and submit ‘I Feel Like Chicken Tonight’ or the ‘Go Compare’ tune as his entry...

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