Teacher Stephen Gaudette Finds Touching Note In His Box Of Cereal

No matter how old we get, we always secretly hope we're going to find a surprise toy in the bottom of our cereal boxes.

But one history teacher from Canada found something far more exciting hidden in his Frosted Flakes.

Stephen Gaudette, 47, discovered a message written on the the plastic bag inside his cereal box.

The note was written by workers at the Kellogg’s factory in London, Ontario, before the factory closed two months ago.

“This is the very last bag of Canadian cereal for the Canadian market from Kellogg’s London, Ontario plant," it said.

Gaudette considered the note to be an important link to the past, and has said the signatures at the bottom made him feel connected to the people who'd lost their jobs.

"I thought about it more as a family man while having breakfast with my two kids - I have a job to go to - I’m lucky,” he told The Star.

Mike Cascadden is thought to be one of the men behind the note. He worked at the plant for 24 years, at first using it as a summer job while he was in college.

Cascadden's grandmother had worked there in the 1930s and he'd hoped his own children might one day consider the same career.

“They (Kelloggs) provided so many families with jobs,” he said. “You’d walk around the factory and hear 'that’s so-and-so’s son that’s so-and-so’s grandfather' everybody was related to somebody," he told The Star.

Thankfully he now has a new job close to home at an automotive manufacturing plant. When he heard that Gaudette was a history teacher, he said: "You couldn’t have a better person to get that bag of cereal."