10/03/2015 06:45 GMT | Updated 10/03/2015 10:59 GMT

Thief Steals Blanket From Car To Keep Warm, But Returns It With Polite Note Saying 'It's Too Itchy'

A thief who broke into an elderly man's car to steal a blanket has apologised with probably the politest note on the planet.

The culprit said that they'd broken into the car because they were cold and had nowhere to go.

So they'd simply borrowed the blanket for a bit, warmed up and returned it shortly afterwards.

blanket note

The blanket in question belonged to 82-year-old Bert Palin from New South Wales, Australia, who had left his car parked outside while visiting his family.

The great grandfather didn't realise that his car had been broken into until the following day, when he found the apologetic note in the boot of his car - alongside the (apparently very itchy) blanket.

The amusing note read:

Hi, I borrowed your blanket for a little while because I was cold and didn’t have anywhere to go.

I hope you accept my apology for taking your stuff without asking.

Kind regards, Blanket thief :)

PS. The blanket is really itchy.

Palin told NT News: "It was obviously a male or female of some education to have written it the way they did and to break into my car then say 'thank you' and 'PS your blanket was itchy' – it was breathtaking."

“I’ve been passing the note around and people are amazed... (my grandson) couldn’t stop laughing.”

The great grandfather added that he accepted the thief's apology. But said that in future, they should probably keep out of his car.

P.S. Palin has since washed his itchy blanket.


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