The numbers are damning for foster care leavers.
Richard Graham says the home secretary is damaging "cohesion in our communities" as backlash grows.
Alex Chalk said he wouldn't say homeless people sleep in tents as a "lifestyle choice".
The home secretary has faced much criticism for claiming that many people using tents for shelter are doing so “as a lifestyle choice”.
The home secretary said sleeping on the streets was a "lifestyle choice".
Moderate Conservatives accused the home secretary of 'ill thought out policies that divide".
Charities could be fined if they give the temporary shelters to the homeless.
A new report comes a day after the Welsh secretary issued a controversial leaflet about Traveller and Gypsy communities.
The intentions might be noble, but there's something rather glaring about the campaign.
"It’s a badge of shame for Rishi Sunak that thousands of children across the country will wake up without a permanent place to call home this Christmas."