This Nine-Year-Old Girl's Passive Aggressive Note To The Tooth Fairy Is Epic

judokitten / Reddit

This letter acts as a valid warning to tooth fairies out there - be vigilant, don't miss tooth collection opportunities and if you do, run for the hills.

Earlier on Reddit, Jennifer (aka judokitten) posted a note from her pissed off nine-year-old self addressing the tooth fairy, who had failed to collect her tooth.

Jennifer recalls how, at the time, she found the whole idea of the tooth fairy pretty unrealistic. So, after losing a tooth, she decided not to tell anyone in her family. And "lo and behold, she did not arrive".

Jennifer adds: "The next morning, I loudly proclaimed the tooth fairy bullshit in my nine-year-old terms, and my mom told me to write her a letter expressing my displeasure."

So she did...

The letter reads:

"(NOT Very) Dear T.F.,

This is the second time you've done this. You forgot me. So if you're not going to come, then, I'm going to keep my own teeth. You are through collecting teeth from Jennifer. From now on I'm keeping my own teeth.


Jennifer E.

P.S. Keep collecting from Mike, though. Obviously you like him better.

P.P.S. Don't bother to write back"

Jennifer reveals that the tooth fairy wasn't having any of it. In fact, she wrote a letter back saying: "I couldn't get to your pillow the night before last, because I got stuck in all the mess. Maybe if you clean your room, I could get to you in a timely manner."

Well played T.F., well played.

Ouch, My Privets!

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