This isn't just M&S staff dancing – this is M&S Romford staff dancing.
"Don’t believe everything you read," said the reality TV star and heiress.
Once a year people vote for the fattest bear in Katmai National Park and Preserve.
You might think your coffee is strong... but is it stronger than yesterday?
Millions have access to the tools to create and disseminate text, music, images, and film, thousands of which go viral every day – how hard could it be?
If anyone is able to calculate the exact formulae for how to make content go viral - they'd probably be the most valuable person on the internet.
You see, the rise of so-called 'fake news' isn't something new. People have been doing it for years. And even though my story is fake, it doesn't set out to deliberately deceive people. However, the amount of emails I get every week (usually from the US) asking where the shop is located is ridiculous.
We married this year and Martin built a harness out of various bits of seatbelt and parachutes just so that I could have a first dance with my son on my wedding day to a song I sang to him as a bump - Coldplay's 'Yellow'. I didn't think I'd get married again, let alone dance with my beautiful yet hefty son.
A mum whose story went viral after spoofing April the giraffe’s baby-watch video, has given birth to a son. Erin Dietrich