11/03/2015 13:11 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Woman, 56, Owns 15,000 Barbies Worth £200,000


If you thought your daughter loved her Barbie, meet Bettina Dorfmann.

The 56-year-old is so obsessed with the iconic doll she has 15,000 of them – and has earned a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Bettina, from Dusseldorf, Germany, received her first doll at the age of five in 1966, but went into serious collector mode 18 years ago when her interest became an addiction.

The dolls – believed to be worth a total of £200,000 - now take over a dedicated room, the cellar and half the kitchen.

She said: "It drives my husband mad when I bring a new doll home."

Bettina won the world record back in 2011 for having the largest collection ever, which even boasts the very first Barbie ever made.

The doll was first made in 1959 and was called Barbara Millicent Roberts.

There are 100,000 Barbie collectors out there, but nobody compares with Bettina.

She even runs a doll hospital for broken Barbies so that no Barbie has to go to the rubbish tip because of broken limbs or knotty hair.

Until last year, Barbie held the title of the world's most popular Christmas toy for 11 years, but she was usurped by Frozen's Queen Elsa and Princess Anna.

According to the annual Holiday Top Toys survey from America's National Retail Federation, around one in five parents bought Frozen merchandise for their daughters for Christmas.

Sixteen per cent still planned to give their girls a Barbie – but it was the first time in the survey's history that she'd been beaten.

Here's Bettina showing off her mahoosive collection of Barbie dolls...