NASA Just Tested The Most Powerful Rocket Booster In History

NASA has successfully tested the most powerful rocket booster in history.

The SLS booster is one of a pair that make up the Space Launch System which, when completed, will be the largest and most powerful rocket that NASA has ever built.

SLS is part of NASA's program to take astronauts beyond the Moon and into deep space. Of course to get into space at all they'll need to break through the atmosphere.

That's where these boosters come in. Providing 75 per cent of the thrust needed to break atmosphere just one of the boosters will put out over 3.6 million pounds of thrust.

NASA reports that it took them months to heat the booster up to the required 90 degrees fahrenheit for this 'hot test'.

When the SLS finally starts taking humans into space it'll be aboard Boeing's Orion spacecraft. You can see the full test video below.

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