13/03/2015 07:57 GMT | Updated 13/03/2015 17:59 GMT

Kate Middleton Royal Baby Girl Rumours Grow After 'Duchess Spotted Browsing Pink Clothes'

The Royal fetus may be continuing to keep a low profile for now but it’s host may have dropped a very large hint indeed as to its gender.

Kate herself has kept mum on the matter, but the gamblers among us seem to be fairly taken with the odds of the Duchess of Cambridge naming her second born Charlotte.

And now the tabloids are in a froth over Kate’s reported visit to a Chelsea baby boutique where the expectant mother was reported to be “drawn to the girls’ clothes”.

kate middleton smile

Mother's mystery: The Duchess is due to give birth in April

Segolene Tresca, the co-owner of Amaia, intriguingly told People magazine: “She was very interested. Every mum that comes in the shop, they look for boys’ [clothes] but they always end up looking at the girls’ stuff too.

"We all hope it’s a little girl because it will be so cute, they will be like a little couple.” [Bear in mind this boutique has already appeared in the press charged with the, er, honour of dressing Prince George in that bloomers ensemble.]

kate middleton commonwealth service

Far be it from us to assume this is IRREFUTABLE PROOF the royal usurper will be a female. But consider this further incontestable evidence: On 9 March Kate attended the Commonwealth Day Observance ceremony at Westminster Abbey.


Case closed.


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