16/03/2015 09:18 GMT | Updated 16/03/2015 09:59 GMT

How To Cut A Whole Chicken Into 8 Pieces In Under One Minute

Buying a whole chicken rather than individual breast and thigh pieces is usually better value for money.

So if the effort of cutting up a whole bird is the only thing putting you off, you need to check out this video from chef Thomas Joseph.

Joseph explains how the professionals cut a chicken into eight pieces in under a minute.

Step 1: Slice off the drumsticks cutting right between the joint

phone bed

Step 2: Turn the chicken on the side to cut off the wings


Step 3: Use scissors to cut into the back bone

back bone

Step 4: Cut through the breast bone using a knife

breast bone

Step 5: Cut the thigh and drumstick in half. Repeat with second joint.


Step 6: Repeat on the second drumstick and you'll have eight pieces of chicken plus extra backbone for making stock.


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