Jamie Dornan Reveals Why He's Returning As Christian Grey For ‘Shades Of Grey', Denying Lack Of Chemistry With Dakota Johnson (VIDEO)


Jamie Dornan has once again spoken out about the upcoming ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ films, reassuring fans that he will be returning as Christian Grey.

The actor is set to start shooting ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ next year, and he’s insistent that he was never in any doubt about appearing in the next movie.

Jamie's denied that his wife Amelia wasn't happy with his starring role

“The idea was that we honour the trilogy and do all three,” he tells the Daily Mail, before dismissing reports that his wife didn’t want him to reprise the role as “total b*****ks”.

The actor also had something to say about critics who’ve claimed there’s zero chemistry between Jamie and Dakota Johnson, who plays Anastasia Steele.

“They wouldn’t have shot the film with us if there was a chemistry problem . . . whatever chemistry means,” Jamie states. “You have to jump through a lot of hoops to get a part like this, and they simply wouldn’t have cast us.”

Lack of chemistry? Never...

While Jamie has reassured fans of his place in the next film, Sam Taylor-Johnson is yet to confirm whether she’ll be back to direct it.

Sam and the book’s author E.L James clashed frequently on set, and during a chat with HuffPost UK, Sam admitted that they had disagreed on “every single detail”.

“There was nothing that wasn’t picked apart, even with the clothes,” Sam explained. “She [Erica James] has such a powerful vision in her head, that if we changed the colour of the dress, it would really unsettle her.

“We had to sit and talk about it, and get her to a place where she felt comfortable.”

Luckily, fans won’t have to wait until the next ‘Fifty Shades’ film to get their Jamie fix, as he’ll be returning for a third series of ‘The Fall’ later this year.

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