These Two Images Are Actually Exactly The Same


We're all recovering from the minor internet apocalypse that was #thedress so to try and bring things back to a more understandable level, here's some visual trickery from Stanley Green that'll annoy you at how easy it is to explain.

The images you see before you are clearly different, one has dark red lips and the other, bright. Yet these images are, to all extents and purposes, completely the same.

How? Photoshop is the answer. The images are the same, it's the backgrounds that are different. The lips and nails are filled with translucent red pixels.

When the image is placed on top of a dark background, the pixels are pronounced, showing the nails and lips to be a deep dark red. Place the same image on a white background and sure enough, the nails and lips are unrecognisably different.

Don't believe us? Well just click on the image and drag it around the screen. Or alternatively you can head to Stanley's blog post which shows of a dazzling palette of colours in the name of art and design.

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