the dress

A Facebook Group with over 98,000 members called Girlsmouth has unwittingly unleashed #dressgate 2.0.  One of the users shared
First it was ‘the dress’, then it was the shiny legs or white paint, now 2016 has served up another fashion optical illusion
Another week, another contender for ‘The new #TheDress’. This week’s offering doing the social media rounds like a rabbit
One year to the day the world was enthralled in debate about the colour of The Dress, a new item of clothing is puzzling
Somewhere, there is a 10th circle of hell for the people who come up with 'sexy' fancy dress outfits. No one is entirely
It was a brain teaser that took the internet by storm and led people to doubt the colours in front of their eyes. For some
We're all recovering from the minor internet apocalypse that was #thedress so to try and bring things back to a more understandable