17/03/2015 08:48 GMT | Updated 17/03/2015 09:59 GMT

Cristiano Ronaldo Appears To Swear And Say 'F*** You' To Real Madrid Fans

It's just five days until El Clasico, and Cristiano Ronaldo seems to be unhappy with his own form and his fans.

Spanish football coverage appears to have revealed footage of Real Madrid's number seven scanning the club's fans during Sunday night's game against Levante, apparently mouthing "foda se" and later grabbing his crotch at the supporters.

"Foda se" is Portuguese for "fuck" or "fuck you", so it could either be highlighting his desperation at his own run of bad form or he could be unhappy with Real's fans.

It's unclear whether he's slyly insulting the fans or just "rearranging"

Looking towards the end of the match, the latter seems to be true. While the rest of Carlo Ancelotti's men were applauding the fans at the Santiago Bernabeu of Sunday night, Ronaldo walked straight down the tunnel without a word.

The Portuguese striker also showed his displeasure throughout the match when he fumbled a chance at netting the game's first goal, but that's understandable. Later, however, he seemed more than a bit grumpy about his fellow forward Gareth Bale scoring twice.

The Welshman ended his recent goal drought with the opener, to which Ronaldo visibly threw his arms in the air with disgust. Bale's second goal was no more pleasing to him, as it was deflected from his own strike.

CR7 vents his frustration

Both forwards were under intense scrutiny given their recent droop, particularly after Wednesday's defeat to Schalke in the Champions League, despite Bale scoring the winning shots in last year's Copa Del Rey and Champions League finals.

"Cristiano was lively because he made the first goal and the second. He didn’t score but he contributed a lot," the team's boss Carlo Ancelotti said.

"Bale was more motivated than usual and the presence of [Luka] Modric helps him. They know each other very well from playing together at Tottenham."

The match ended 2-0, with both goals scored by Bale.

Modric hugs Bale after a goal celebration

Ronaldo has failed to score any goals since he won the Ballon D'Or in January. Maybe that famous acceptance roar took away all of his spirit?

The night he secured the Golden Ball, Ronaldo said he was "coming for" Lionel Messi, but the Argentinian has since overtaken him as La Liga's top goalscorer for the season.

The number seven's frame of mind is drawing criticism across the football world, with many pundits encouraging a change before the Real Madrid - Barcelona fixture on Sunday. Madrid are currently one point behind Barca in La Liga.


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