Apple Watch App 'Life Clock' Literally Counts Down The Seconds Until You Die

Some have argued that Apple has yet to win the argument that its upcoming Watch is an essential purchase.

But at least one app developer now argues that it's actually a case of life or death.

Life Clock’ is a design for a Watch face, or standalone app, which would literally count down the raining seconds, hours, minutes and years of your life every time you load up the screen.

Designed by the London-based Rehabstudio, the app would also add minutes to your life expectancy every time you made time for exercise, and take off time if you don’t get enough sleep.

Clearly it’s just a concept — Apple has not confirmed third-party watch faces will be allowed on its device, and the scientific use of such a vague estimation of life is clearly impressionistic at best.

Nor is Life Clock the first ‘death watch’ - numerous examples already exist, including some apps on the Apple App Store.

Still, it’s an interesting idea — even if the main use is to remind you to do something other than spend your remaining weeks on Earth obsessing over your new touchscreen gadget.

Rehabstudio partner Tom Le Bree told Wired US that the aim was to “play” with the “human construct” of time.

“[Time] is one of the few things you can’t purchase and can’t get back… It’s the same for everybody. And we’ve only scratched the surface of how you can use it as a motivator.”