Europa Dwarfed By Jupiter Is One Of THE Space Pictures Of Our Time

When Voyager first started passing through the solar system in 1977 on its now 36 year (maybe) interstellar journey, no-one could have imagined the images that would have been sent back.

Against all the odds however, the humble spacecraft was able to capture some of the most breathtaking images of the solar system you could ever hope to see - even in these days of more advanced space craft.

This is one of them -- or rather, it's actually many of them. The iconic image of Jupiter's moon Europa being dwarfed by its parent planet is actually a clever composite of many pictures that Voyager took.

They were then stitched together to create the full view. More recently however the image has now been given a touch up courtesy of photographer Michael Benson.

Benson, a renowned space photographer and editor has been creating enhanced versions of NASA's images for years and his work on this piece in particular is staggering.

Voyager 1 has long since passed Jupiter and is now (as of writing) 19,546,787,880km from Earth. It is now the most distant object that man has ever sent into space and by most accounts the first to actually leave our Solar System.