'The Thread' Documentary Explores Impact On Journalism Of Social Media Following Boston Marathon Bombing (Trailer)


'The Thread' documentary explores the undeniable impact that amateur Internet writers are having on journalism today.

Following the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, amateur Internet sleuths took to Twitter and Reddit, intent on identifying the individuals responsible for the appalling carnage watched by viewers across the world.

Social media users turned amateur detectives following the tragedy at the Boston Marathon

This documentary looks at the growth of a social media thread that ensued, and an investigation that led to an innocent young man being charged with the crime.

The documentary features interviews with journalists from more established media outlets, as well as those tireless social media users dedicated to the hunt for those behind the Boston Marathon bombings.

Social media users were analysing every bit of footage of the tragedy

It's from the award-winning team of Greg Barker ('Manhunt'), Jonathan Chinn ('American High') and Simon Chinn ('Man on Wire'), and takes in the wider effects on the media landscape of the advances of technology, in particular social media.

'The Thread' will be available to download or view-on-demand on major digital platforms from 13 April 2015. Watch the trailer above...


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