Student Finds Live Locust Crawling in Sainsbury's Rocket Salad

A student was left stunned after purchasing a bag of Sainsbury's rocket salad, only to discover a large exotic locust crawling around inside.

Stephen Oldham, 21, bought the bag of salad whilst shopping on Wednesday evening. Upon returning home, he noticed the bug crawling around inside when putting the salad in his fridge.

A student at Bath University, Oldham photographed and filmed the creature, before returning the salad to the supermarket.

Speaking about the incident, he commented that he was initially unaware of the locust: "It was only when I got home and went to put the bag in the fridge that I noticed something moving" he said.

"I couldn't work out what it was at first as it was slightly buried below some leaves and then eventually it came to the surface.

"I just couldn't believe it! There I was with a normal bag of rocket and next minute, there's a whopping great locust!"

After filming the locust, Oldham returned the bag to Sainsbury's.

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