Tortoise Sex Interrupted By Explorer, World's Slowest Chase Ensues

Explorer Chased In Terrifying Slow Motion By Horny Giant Tortoise

This is the shocking moment an explorer was forced to flee the onslaught of a horny giant tortoise.

Documentary filmmaker Paul Rose was on an island in the Seychelles for a National Geographic segment when he spotted two of the 250kg reptiles doing the nasty.

After disturbing their intimate moment, Rose was relentlessly chased by the 0.17 mph beast for more than 400 yards around Assumption Island, an uninhabited area 30km away from the Aldabra Atoll.

The intrepid explorer can be heard telling his cameraman not to move as the angry tortoise approaches, until he is forced to step back by the reptile's snapping beak.

"I assumed that he would get close and then back off once he realized that he was up against two wonderful specimens at the top of the food chain," wrote Rose.

"But there was absolutely no stopping him - he got close, very close, close enough that his snorting and spitting plus the look in his enraged eyes above his snapping powerful beak made us retreat in a panic."

Tortoises in hats


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