Internet Throws Teen With Asperger's Syndrome An Unforgettable Birthday Party, After His Classmates Refuse To RSVP

No One RSVP'd To Boy's Birthday Party, So Twitter Threw Him One Instead

When Odin Camus turned 13 on Friday, his mum, Melissa, planned to throw him a bowling party in Peterborough, Ontario.

But after sending invitations to 15 of the teenager's classmates, not one replied.

Odin has Asperger’s Syndrome and writing on Facebook, his mum said his condition has led him to have "some difficulty making friends".

Determined to give Odin a happy birthday, Melissa asked people on social media to send her son birthday wishes.

The response she got will restore your faith in humanity.

Over 5,000 people "attended" Odin's birthday on Facebook with many more joining in the well-wishing on Twitter using the hashtag #odinbirthday.

After seeing the attention the hashtag was getting online, local news site PTBO Canada decided to throw Odin a birthday party he'd never forget.

Hundreds arrived for the party and he teenager received messages and gifts from families....

Super heroes....

And even celebrities such as Carrie Underwood and Elijah Wood.

Writing on Twitter, Melissa thanked the public for their support, adding that Odin said he'd had "the best birthday ever".

H/T: Metro