24/03/2015 09:52 GMT | Updated 24/03/2015 12:59 GMT

General Election 2015: UK Vote App Could Be The Key To Getting Young People To Vote

With the UK general election just around the corner, it seems as though young people couldn't care less. Many are not registered to vote, many are unaware of how to vote, and many simply just don't want to.

This, however, could be about to change, thanks to the development of a new App which aims to keep voters up to date with the latest UK polls and political campaign news.

The App, called Vote UK, is developed by Wide Angle Software, and can be dowloaded free of charge on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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Amongst a whole host of features, Vote UK gives accurate and unbiased information about candidates and parties, allows voters to search for the contact details of their local MP and shows real-time changes in national opinion polls over the previous six months.

The release of this App comes following the news that nearly two-thirds of young people want to be able to vote online in the general election

The App's developer and Wide Angle Software Director Neil Benson is enthusiastic about the project: “We wanted to develop an app that would really connect voters throughout Britain with the political process”, he said.

"I was personally excited to develop a completely free app that could engage the imagination and the interest of mobile-savvy voters in the political process", he continued.

"A large group of voters feel alienated from the political process – especially younger voters. This is exactly the demographic that feel comfortable with internet connected mobile devices, smart phones, tablets etc. Our App is primarily targeted at these younger potential voters. Vote UK is designed to engage users with the political process."

When informed that 60% of young voters want to vote online, Benson was unsurprised: "This generation of new voters have grown up with the internet – it’s part of their everyday lives. The thought of walking to a dusty old community centre or primary school to place an ‘x’ in a box with a half sized, worn out pencil must seem awfully archaic to many of these new voters", he said.

"The government should make voting as easy and as accessible to as many people as possible."

The Vote UK App has also been endorsed by MP Jeremy Lefroy – the MP for Stafford where developers Wide Angle Software are based.

“The 2015 General Election will be one of the most important and closely contested in a generation. Vote UK will give people accurate and unbiased information about candidates and parties to enable them to decide how to cast their vote”, he said.

The early signs are positive. But whether or not this new App will be enough to mobilize young voters remains to be seen.

More information about Vote UK and Wide Angle Software can be found at:

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