Young Voters

Policies that affect young people tangibly and old people ideologically should be decided upon by those it impacts the most
The young people of our country should no longer to be forced to live in a society that does not acknowledge the importance of their voice. Young people are considered to be the future and therefore the Government need to start negotiating with them in order to build a fair society for all future generations.
I hope that by the time the next election comes around, loads of 18 -24 year-olds turning out to vote is seen as normal. Maybe then we can stop seeing young people as a special group with interests distinct from and at odds with the rest of the population. After all, even eighteen year-olds have to grow up.
Laughing in our faces and sending us on our way with threats to raise the minimum voting age to 21 is not going to help you. But feel free to carry on belittling us. Because as long as you do, the Tories will never win a majority again. Understood?
"They" say that young people don't vote. Well, they did yesterday. From everything I have read, the 18 - 25 year olds came out in force and their footsteps striding to the ballot box; their pencils scratching their ballot papers and the crinkle of folding paper - has been heard loud and clear across the Country in General Election 2017.
Rather we need deliberative and engaging policies designed to increase political trust and civic engagement amongst millennials whilst thinking about the long-term common good. In short, this is the beginning not the end of the process.
Sixteen and seventeen year olds are ready to vote so the UK must update the voting regulations. This will inform, engage and empower more young people with serious issues affecting our nation by recognising sixteen and seventeen year olds with the right to vote.
Politicians who want to engage young people need to set out what they want to do and what change they want to make, but they must also stress how it will happen, what steps will be needed and that things are unlikely to change over night - these things take time.
We have the power to sway this election but only if we turn up! You've got one week to figure out exactly which outcome you want to see from this general election - one week to decide who you want to have represent you in parliament.
Will our political parties reach out and show the country that they're not just going to fix the here and now, they are going to make the next generation like me proud to be British and confident about our futures? I want a sustainable career, I want 21st Century skills, I want access to opportunity and I want to make this country a better place. Will my Government support me to do that?