Young Voters

We should use the immediate political crisis to take the long overdue step of becoming an electoral constituency to be reckoned with. In doing so we can help Britain, in future, avoid making the same sort of mistake that Brexit will prove to be.
To continue to endorse Corbyn as leader is to cement Labour's position as the opposition party. Corbyn must have a place in the party, but the leader must be someone who can bridge the gap between the centre left politicians and those on the hard left and not someone who divides them.
The future of our jobs and prosperity for young people is now at risk. Growing up as a young person in Britain is not easy. We are often referred to as the apathetic generation and in most cases, the generation that is not worth engaging with because we are less likely to vote.
It is important now to accept that the Remain camp has lost - no petition, no do-over will change that. This campaign and result has noticeably divided and damaged our country already - we cannot let it get any worse. The EEA option is the best one for our nation to emulate. Now, liberals must hijack Brexit and make it just for the sake of Remainers and the sake of our increasingly segregated society.
It would be so easy to be cynical when faced with such mendacity. Yet I am still hopeful. The energy, passion and idealism from students throughout this campaign has been inspiring. Students have a duty to keep Britain progressive, hopeful and fair, and I believe they will. It is up to our political leaders to respond in kind.
The Remain camp have avoided the immigration argument like the plague because they're scared to attack the government, so the debate consequently hasn't been framed in the right way. My message to working class voters worried about immigration is this: know your enemy. These people don't want what's best for you. They never have and they never will.
We vote remain with neither pride nor joy; we do it as a way of getting back to square one, a way of trying to pretend that all the dirt that has been dug up over this campaign never had been. This referendum was sold to us on the false pretence of democracy and has ended in a display of cavemanism. Vote remain on June 23rd and we can get to work trying to clean up this mess.