Stronger In's #Votin EU Referendum Youth Campaign Is... 'Interestin'


The Britain Stronger in Europe group has launched a new campaign that suggests the literacy of our nation is secondary to maintaining our relationship with the EU.

A brash video and series of posters marks the launch of #VOTIN, which sees the youth culture of the entire country distilled into an uneasy relationship with the letter "g".

According to one of the designers behind the campaign, it seeks to "talks to young people as young people, cutting jargon and cliché".

Scott Townsin (Townsing?) told BuzzFeed News: "It’s obvious. It’s loud. But we felt for this audience it had to be. With the less 'official' style, you get a slight 'us and them', anti-establishment feel."

Response to the campaign has been damnin, mockin, and ridiculin.

The launch was accompanied by a blog from Sam Gyimah for HuffPost UK, the 39-year-old Childcare Minister and Conservative MP for East Surrey.

He wrote: As the #VOTIN launch video points out whether it is 'learnin', 'travellin', 'sharin' - the 'easyjet generation' takes being in the EU for granted on so many levels, and reaps the biggest rewards from our membership.

"They will be the worst affected if Britain votes to leave, finding it harder to get a job, suffering the squeeze of lower wages and higher prices, and forfeiting their automatic right to work, study and travel abroad.

"In the years in which most young people would expect to be moving forward with their lives, our country would be plunged into an era of uncertainty. The easyjet generation could quickly become the lost generation unless it makes it's voice heard."

The Stronger In campaign undoubtedly faces a challenge in mobilising younger voters.

An Observer poll last month found, young people could be the key to keeping Britain in the EU, as they are the most pro-Remain but the least likely to vote.

It was described as "a blow" for David Cameron as it put support for a Brexit at 43% and support for staying in the EU at 39%.

The online poll also showed voters under 35 are the only age bracket supporting Remain by a majority - 53% - but they are the least certain they will vote on June 23 - with only 52% saying they definitely would.

By contrast, 81% of voters over 55 are sure they will vote and only 30% of them support staying in the EU.

So, if you're young and you enjoy workin, earnin or makin, make sure you register to vote here.