31/05/2016 11:50 BST

Jeremy Corbyn Issues Plea For Young Voters To Register Amid Rank And File Confusion On Labour’s EU Position

'I won't accept that.'

Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire
Jeremy Corbyn alongside former leader Ed Miliband at an EU referendum campaign rally last week

Jeremy Corbyn has appealed to young people to “have their voice heard in the EU” by registering to vote in next month’s referendum.

Writing exclusively on The Huffington Post UK, the Labour leader said that it is those under 30 who will be most affected by the outcome of the 23 June poll.

Young people will live with the consequences for the longest. If you believe we can together make this country better, then start by registering to vote,” he wrote.

Corbyn’s plea comes seven days ahead of the voter registration deadline on 7 June.

Hinting at the generational divide between young and old, Corbyn wrote: “Young people are being told that their lives will be more insecure and less prosperous than their parents or grandparents. I won't accept that.”

Previous analysis of the Luxembourg Income Study has shown a reduction in disposable income among Millennials when compared with older generations.

Corbyn used his blog to argue that, as Britain is the fifth richest nation in the world, “There is no reason why Britain’s young should not have the chances given to previous generations.”

Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire
Jeremy Corbyn used his plea to young voters to lament their lack of opportunity

However, despite a direct address to young people to opt in favour of Britain’s membership of the EU, many Labour members are reportedly confused as to the party’s stance on the referendum.

A campaign memo from pro-EU group Britain Stronger In Europe, leaked to the Guardian newspaper, showed just half of Labour voters know their party is in favour of remaining in the EU.

The rest believe the party is split - or that it is the party of Brexit, it was reported.

And younger people have been particularly underserved in the campaign thus far.

Research of university students found a majority didn’t even know the date of the “once-in-a-generation” poll.

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