You Can Now Buy A KitKat Sandwich Because Japan

Ah, the KitKat sandwich. For when just a KitKat, or just a sandwich, isn't quite enough.

Yes, over in Japan - where else?! - the fast food restaurant chain First Kitchen has started selling KitKat sandwiches. Which cost a mere 220 yen, and appear to consist of: disgusting white bread stuff, disgusting white fluffy cream stuff and a KitKat (which of course isn't disgusting, but delicious). Oh, and orange peel. Of course.

And though that all may sound - and look - rather disgusting, it does get a thumbs-up in the video 'review' above. And who are we British, inventors of the chip butty, to argue?

According to First Kitchen, the KitKat sandwich demonstrates "outstanding compatibility with coffee". You know what else does? The exotic 'gift box' range of KitKats you can also get in Japan...