Zayn Malik Quits One Direction And Fans Across The World Absolutely Lose it

As you will no doubt be aware Jeremy Clarkson was sacked.... oh, hang wrong one - Zayn Malik left One Direction on Wednesday.

In scenes not seen since the dawn of pop, fans around the world took to Vine to show how utterly devastated they are.

There was Nina who hoped she was till asleep...

There were tears and tissues.

Sales of Sharpies must have gone through the roof.

Spongebob was inconsolable.

Even non-fans were losing it.

Some took to drink.

This is just really sinister.

Even Russian cats were inexplicably emotional. And creepy.

Words were simply not needed.

So many expressions.

This girl can't be that upset if she can't squeeze a real one out.

Give him a break, this was years ago!

Keep up mate.

But this guy could not care one jot and can only think of shaving his perfectly hair-free face.

But some people managed to keep it together and see the whole thing for what it is.

Just try and remember the good times.

This is a bit harsh.

And if all else fails...

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