Celebrities Attacked By Animals: From One Direction's Niall Horan To Gordon Ramsay And Shakira (PICS)

When Animals Attack: The Celebrity Edition

Being a celeb isn’t always easy, y’know.

While it may seem like A-listers cruise through life, spending their time sashaying down red carpets and picking up awards, their status doesn’t grant them immunity from some of life’s more testing moments. Like being attacked by animals.

Even animal lover Mozza isn't safe

You see, sharks, puffins and monkeys don’t care how many Grammys you’ve nabbed, or whether your last film was praised at Cannes Film Festival - and this lot found out the hard way.

No amount of money can save you from the evil that is an animal who's having a tough day and it doesn’t matter if you’re in one of the most successful boy bands of all-time, you can still be left on crutches after a run-in with a squirrel.

Check out these celebs who've been attacked, by creatures large and small...

1. Gordon Ramsey's Huffing And Puffin

Celebs Attacked By Animals


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