Farmer Replaces Dog With World's First 'Sheep Drone'

Is This The World's First 'Sheep Drone'?

The iconic pairing of sheepdog and farmer is something that goes back hundreds of years, however Irish farmer Paul Brennan knows that just as many other parts of his trade have evolved, so too could herding.

His answer? What could be the world's first 'Sheep Drone'. Having used the drone for recreational filming, Mr Brennan realised that it could serve a dual-purpose, becoming a fast and effective tool for herding the sheep.

The results speak for themselves with the sheep moving seamlessly as one as the drone glides above, gently coercing them into the next field.

While we couldn't see the connection at first, it seems only logical that drones could serve this purpose. Farmers in Australia already use tiny helicopters to move huge cattle herds so this is simply downscaling.


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