Ed Miliband Reveals On Magic Radio That He's Campaigning For... A Female James Bond

Ed Miliband visited the Magic Radio studios this morning and revealed that, as well as his policies on housing, immigration and workers rights, he’s also campaigning for…… the first female bond. In fact, Bond Girl to 007.

He said, “Rosamund Pike would make a great Bond - I think she’s a great British actress, she’d make a great Bond! This is 2015, I think we can move with the times.”

Ed Miliband is going all out for an election victory, and a female Bond

He also went on to to reveal his motivation for wanting to run for Prime Minister, ‘Politicians can get obsessed with themselves – it becomes a personality contest and it’s not about us but the British people. If this is a contest to see how someone can eat a bacon sandwich elegantly, I’m not going to win. It’s about putting working people first in this country – I’m not going to win a photo opportunity contest.”

In response to attacks from David Cameron about his position in the bullying culture in politics, Ed said, “I don’t see it that way. It’s the rough and tumble of politics. My opponents are going to be really personal in the next five weeks - I’m much more worried about another five years of David Cameron. I don’t care what people throw at me.

“You get a lot thrown at you, it comes with the territory. The question isn’t what’s thrown at you – it’s your resilience. I’m in this because I want to change the country – if you’re in the public eye, then you have to take the brick bats."

Finally – he revealed his taste in music….and it turns out he's a properly bad 1980s fan.

He said, “I’m a bit of an 80s fan, I like bad taste – things like A- ha ‘Take On Me’. I’m aware of both Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith - I’ve heard them on radio and both of them are huge exports – they’re great artists. It’s brilliant we have a great number of great British artists, it makes us incredibly proud.

"Ellie Goulding invited me to a charity concert recently and Bastille caught my eye – I thought they were brilliant!”

Ed Miliband was speaking on Magic Radio.

Ed Miliband vs bacon sandwich