01/04/2015 13:22 BST | Updated 01/06/2015 10:12 BST

Baby's Great Escape From His Cot Is Pure Genius (Video)


This baby's great escape from his cot is worthy of a Hollywood movie.

The daring little chap is desperate to be released from his confinement after his nap, so he comes up with an ingenious way to free himself from his sleep cage.

Of course, the easiest thing to do would be to just clamber over the bars – but that would risk significant injury on landing.

So this resourceful baby comes up with an ingenious solution which involves sticking his legs through the bars to manoeuvre the cot across the carpet until it touches his parents' bed.

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He then climbs over the cot sides to effortlessly scramble onto the soft mattress.

No wonder he's leaping for triumphant joy at the end!

Genius! Let's hope he doesn't turn into a master criminal when he grows up: no prison will be able to contain him!